Our mission with every RISE Athlete, whether in person or online beginner or elite, is to maximise your strength, power, fitness, energy and confidence to make every ride your best ride ever!

You don’t need a gym or any equipment to train! You will receive a comprehensive assessment including video analysis, so we design and give you the most specific programme for your needs and wants.

Train safely and confidently knowing that you are exercising correctly to precise form is important to prevent injury and imbalance. Your Coach has personally filmed detailed videos of all the stretches, mobilisations and exercises with instructions, teaching points and demos. So you will always know you are training correct and carrying all the benefits of your exercise to your bike.

You are not on your own, get support from your Coach with monthly or bimonthly consultations, online training sessions and feedback, so you are always motivated, inspired and making maximum progression.

With the RISE MTB Performance app you can train anywhere and anytime with your virtual Coach right at your side.

Reassessments allow us to qualify and quantify your progress and advance your programme at your own pace. We also miss out on celebrating the huge leaps of improvement you make along the way!

No more struggling with fatigue and lack of energy on the trail. With our online nutritional support, we work together educating you on how to fuel your body for long days on the trail or staying pinned on big uplift days. With endless energy and improved recovery time we put an end to the frustration and lack of energy which keeps you from owning the top step or just keeping up with your friends.

Injured and unable to ride? Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain can limit or put an end to our valuable bike time. Let us transform you into your own best therapist. At RISE pull on our 20+ years of clinical and performance knowledge and experience to help you get out of pain and enjoy what we love most… being on our bikes.

Are you ready? Click the link below to apply for a space on the online RISE MTB Athlete Training Programme.