Injuries happen in Mountain Biking and if ignored they have the potential to linger and cause issues with correct function and movement if not managed properly.

Following a comprehensive assessment we use, techniques and methods to improve your recovery, get you out of pain and improve your stability and movement.


As Adrian says, injuries cause pain, compensatory movement patterns, poor stability and weakness. We cannot create quality strength and power from a place of weakness. Or as the saying goes; 'You can't fire a cannon from a canoe'!

Having studied and work under some of the world leaders in Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise Adrian will work with you to manage and correct your injuries; getting you back on your bike safely and quickly.

KATY CURD - Concussion to World Cups

Katy Curd, World Cup DH Rider, DH National Champ and 4X World Champ, suffered a double concussion during the UCI World Cup in 2016, after taking 18 months out of racing and working with us and our expert team of Clinicians and Practitioners, Katy is back and racing the World Cup series again and getting great results. Watch the video on her journey through Concussion.