Working with Adrian has been the turning point for my racing career. Being a rider, Adrian understands exactly what is needed from both a mental and physical point when riding and racing. Not only has Adrian helped me through one of the hardest injuries I have had to deal with but has also got me back to winning races.

Training, psycology, nutrition are all a huge part of racing and Adrian has and continues to work through all these key points to make sure no stone goes unturned, making sure I am always 100% ready come race day. I am still always blown away about just how much knowledge Adrian knows about the human body and corrective exercise and always taken back by just how much input and support he gives week in week out.

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to call training fun before but Adrian has for sure turned that around and has got me stronger, faster and fitter on my bike than ever before because of it.


World Cup Rider

National DH Champ

4X World Champ

I came to see Adrian originally for ‘arm pump’ issues that were really limiting my riding.  I also had a right shoulder injury I thought I was tolerating well, but knew it wasn’t quite right.  Unfortunately, the very next day after my initial consultation, I had a massive crash, injuring my left shoulder quite badly and my hand.  So, Adrian then had multiple injuries to work on.  Working with Adrian has been great and the results have been quite dramatic.  He puts me at ease during sessions and gets right to the cause of issues.  His knowledge of body mechanics and corrective techniques is mind blowing.

He has helped me to continue riding my bike throughout my treatment (thank you!) and after some hard work, I now have a much improved range of movement in both arms.  On top of all this, besides treating my injuries, I continue working regularly with Adrian because he is also helping me with other MTB specific strategies to improve my riding in general.  He has become a big part of helping me enjoy the sport I love even more. 



DH Rider

Long rides but low energy, I needed to find out why. I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Adrian by my Chiropractor. Food, not all food was good food for me, I changed a few eating habits under Adrian's instruction and I'm amazed at the difference, feeling good on longer rides and recovery is far shorter.

I have got to say the information and advice I’ve had from Adrian has been invaluable. At 'Ard Rock Marathon I finished an hour in front of the guys I ride with, and they're normally waiting for me, finished feeling great!

If you are serious about improving your energy for whatever sport your involved in or even just improving your general well being, I can't recommend Adrian more strongly.



Enduro, Gravel Rider

‘I first met Adrian and Karen at one of their MTB retreats which was a great experience and I guess the start of my journey! I’d been experiencing problems with blood sugar handling on rides and seemed to be unable to lose the excess weight I was carrying so I contacted Adrian a few weeks later to see if he could help.


Over the next few sessions we made changes to my diet and lifestyle which started showing me improvements immediately and had me feeling better than ever, I was actually able to ride my bike without bonking for the first time in months. With my diet on track, it seemed like a natural progression for us to then start looking into other areas that needed adjustment. So we donned our scuba gear and went deep into the unknown!


Enduro Rider

Alliance MTB

Have been training with Ade since November 2017, working on flexibility, mobility, stability and nutrition; all with the end goal of making me a stronger, fitter rider.

As a biker, Ade understands what is required and his enthusiasm, combined with incredible knowledge, makes him an engaging coach. He works his clients hard, emphasising the importance of correct form and gradually increasing the repetitions for each exercise. It’s challenging stuff, but good fun. I’d regard myself as a work in progress and I’ve always struggled when it comes to core exercises, but my riding has definitely improved over the last 6 months.

Would I recommend Ade? Yes, without question.


DH, Enduro Rider

I initially went to Adrian with a stiff and painful neck that wouldn’t ease after a minor crash - I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a forthcoming trip to Whistler.  He quickly identified and treated not only my neck, but also other contributing issues, leaving me with massively improved movement and comfort on the bike.  I found Adrian’s explanations of what he was treating (and why) and the range of exercises suggested to be clear, informative and succinct - he really understood my needs.  While working my neck he also identified some issues with my breathing patterns and gave me a number of exercises that have made a massive difference to my riding.  Am currently enjoying a fantastic trip to British Columbia!


Enduro Rider

Pedal a Bike Away

A few years back I wrapped myself round a tree while riding resulting in a hospital stay with a range of injuries, the worst being 5 fractured vertebrae. I was lucky, but the soft tissue damage to my back, hips and ribs had left some lasting issues. Additionally over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with CFS/ME, from which I fought hard to recover and have in the main done so, but I have some energy and recovery issues from riding. I initially came to Adrian to sort out the issues from my injury but from the initial discussions I realised he also could help me get the most out of my riding in terms of energy and recovery.


When working with Adrian he keeps surprising me with his level of knowledge in a range of areas. The fact he is a keen MTB rider he can really understand the demands this amazing sport puts on us physically. His approach of assessing the issues and prescribing a range of activities and exercises to undertake, combined with his knowledge of MTBing has been excellent, although hard work at times to put the effort in around daily life.


In terms of how it has benefited me I can honestly say I feel 10 years younger, I have more energy and the level of aches and pains are far less than I thought I would achieve, and they have even reduced from how they were pre-injury. (Previously I had a lot of lower back pain from an office/car based occupation but this is near non-existent). I can really notice it on the bike as I feel stronger especially in corners and pedaling out of the saddle. What excites me is I can see this progressing and developing as we continue this journey.  


Enduro, DH Rider

In 2017 I started racing downhill and I left every race feeling down and felt like I 'should' have done better

At the end of the season I didn't even want to look at my bike and I ended up selling it.  After this break I realised that I did want to race but something had to change, so I got in touch with Adrian at RISE to see if they could help with the mental side of racing. 


The difference in my mental capacity and approach at races is astounding, Adrian has taught me techniques and methods I can practice and use. I initially thought it would be a simple fix, however I soon learned that it is tough but it is so worthwhile.


I finished the 2019 season already looking forward to what 2020 has to bring!


DH, Enduro Rider