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Preparing for your assessment



Let's start your assessment with a fresh brew, we supply tea, coffee and cold drinks but do feel free to bring what refreshments you like as the assessment time averages around 2 hours.

If you want to listen to any of your own music please bring this with you also.

What to wear?

A big part of the assessment is to monitor and analyse your posture both static and in movement. This includes the spine, pelvis, neck and head, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles etc.


Clothing can obscure this making it difficult to get accurate findings, so it is beneficial for you to wear shorts and for women to wear a sports bra / training top. But I do ask you to wear what you feel comfortable wearing.



Together we will run through a plethora of assessment protocols specifically chosen for you from your initial call. These may include:

  • Static posture

  • Muscle length tension

  • Specific fascial assessments

  • Orthopaedic assessment

  • Neural assessment

  • Spine & Pelvic assessment

  • Breathing pattern assessment

  • Dynamic movement pattern assessment

  • Strength testing

  • Fitness testing

Clinical Imageing

You may have had previous scans like X-rays or MRI's, if this is the case please bring these with you to the assessment.

If any clinical imageing if required, I will discuss this with you and once agreed I refer you to get this done privately at the Cobalt Centre in Cheltenham.

Sometimes it is necessary to require the work of other allied practitioners, like Osteopaths, Chirpractors, Medical Doctors etc. Again we would discuss this together before hand.

Image by Harlie Raethel

Athlete Fitness Testing

If strength training and fitness are your goals, part of your training plan can provide clinical fitness testing if desired.

This can be discussed and prices provided when requested.


Time to create your plan

Once I have all of the results from your assessment, I will take time to create a injury rehabilitation plan or stength conditioning plan specific to your needs, wants and profile.

Then I will set you up on the RISE online app where you can access your programmes, videos and schedule for the month.

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