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I don't just work with riders,

read what our non riding clients have to say about working with RISE

and the results they got from the process.


Spondylolisthesis and Disc Bulge

In September last year after a lumbar puncture I was in constant pain in my lower back. It was so bad that small tasks such as sitting down and standing up were a struggle. After an X-ray and MRI the doctors had me on 26 painkillers a day and had signed me off work with the view that one year was needed for me to recover.


In May I went to see Adrian and from the very first session I felt immediate improvement and after 2 more sessions I was 70% better. AMAZING! The support and advice I received from Adrian has been superb. His knowledge and friendliness are first class. His programmes are tailored to meet individual needs and everything is explained clearly.


The relief at being able to get back to normal is immense. I'm back at work and doing all my favourite things like walking the hills every day, cycling and attending the gym. My back pain is virtually non-existent and in any case now very manageable.I would highly recommend Adrian, so professional and friendly and to me a miracle worker!!


ANNA - Cheltenham UK

Chronic Migraines

I feel like I've been healed from a long term suffering of migraine headaches. For over 8 years I've felt unable to go anywhere without very strong painkillers in the fear that I could have the dreaded headache that’s debilitated me and stopped me from functioning properly.  I've tried Chiropractors, massage and been to specialists on backs and necks, I even saw a neurologist last year, thought I might have a more severe underlying problem, plus an advised 27 injections of Botox booked for my head.


As my last resort I booked to see Adrian, within one session the INMT treatment in my neck especially, I could tell he had found something no other had found and then with additional advice on diet and lifestyle resulted in a clear fortnight without a migraine. My symptoms, I went on to learn, stemmed from my stomach in discomfort from inflammation, constipation, and bad breathing technique. All these things have improved, and I now know what I'm dealing with and feel able to control my health. Thank you so much Adrian!

MICHELE - Cheltenham UK


Spondylolisthesis and Disc Bulge

For the last 20 years I have suffered from depression going from councillor to councillor and trying different kinds of medication but nothing seemed to work. I then heard Adrian on BBC Radio and I have to say I was extremely sceptical about food solving my depression.


JOE - Cirencester UK

Broken Ankle

I have worked with Adrian for the last three years, working on recovering from a broken foot, to my recent training for the largest amateur ski race in the world, ‘The Inferno’ which takes place in Switzerland every January. The sessions with Adrian are always.

VENESSA - Henley on Thames UK

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